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42 Complete Journals With PLR Rights!!!

Receive Powerpoint files for each journal. Super easy to tweak, edit and personalize!

The Chakra Journal Set

117 Page journal and cover set.

Vision Board Journal

45 page journal and cover set

The Brain Dump Journal Set

135 pg journal and cover set

The Zodiac Journals

12 - 64 Page Journals

Zodiac Coloring Books

12 covers and 120 coloring images


My Lifestyle Makeover Journal

14 pages of worksheets/templates and cover.

Special Moments in My Life

21 page journal including gorgeous cover

My Lifestyle Makeover Journal

28 page journal including a gorgeous cover

My Summer Vacation Journal

A fun 32 page journal including  cover

My Yoga Journal

44 page journal for the popular yoga niche.

Food for Life Journal

420 page journal that's easy to edit as needed.

My Stress Busters Journal

23 page journal including eye-catching cover. A perfect offering for those in the self-help/wellness/self-care/coaching niches.

It's a Dog's Life Journal

The pet niche is hot! Modify this 27 page journal for various breeds, sizes, & age groups. Add your own pages, questionnaires, etc. Turn this one item into endless journals.

My Pregnancy Journal


Expectant moms love this journal and rightfully so. It includes 40 pages and a beautiful cover. Turn it into a variety of journals including one for twins, one for older new moms, split it into one for boys and one for girls, etc.

Fall/Winter Holiday Planner


The Fall/Winter holidays are super fun. This 40 page planner keeps organizing all the parties and events easy. Take it one step further and turn this into multiple planners for special days/events throughout the year.

It's Time for School


This 84 page journal/cover set has everything a kid needs to stay organized all year long. Plenty of space for keeping track of homework, school supplies, writing notes, special events, etc.

Travel Vision Board


15 pages/cover to plan out the trip of your dreams. Take this one step further and turn it into multiple travel journals - one for each popular travel destination...London, China, the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Italy, etc. 

Cake and Coffee Themed Journal/Template Set

Includes this fabulous cover and 10 colorful themed templates.

Creative Funk

25 pages and cover. Help your fans and followers get out of their creative funk. It happens to all of us but staying stuck doesn't have to happen. 

Music Themed Journal

24 musically themed pages. A perfect journal for music lovers and players alike. 

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PLR License

The license terms are very simple. Do not use my name or sell PLR rights to this product. Lastly, the source files (Powerpoint) are for your use only and cannot be passed on.

Thank you!